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Deodorant Cream
Product Code
: QB300132
: 30g
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: HK$ 298.00
: HK$ 298.00
Product Description

Long-lasting deodorant effect due to being resistant to sweat and water. Addition of 8 natural ingredients as moisturizer. Refreshing without any stickiness. Clear, without any opaqueness. Free of Fragrance, Chemical Colors, Paraben and Aluminium.

Active Ingredients:
O-Cymen-5-Ol/Triclosan: high sterilizing power
Zinc Acid: reduces the sweat

How to use
Usage for armpit : After cleaning and drying your armpit well, rub the cream (the amount of the cream for one part of body should be comparable in size to pearl) into the skin widely.

Usage for feet : After cleaning and drying your feet well, especially between fingers and base of fingers, rub the cream into the skin.