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Mayu Ultra Moisture Care Cream
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: 414339032
: 50ml
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: HK$ 360.00
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Product Description

Due to the aging process, UV, fine dust and external stimuli, Our skin becomes dry, loses their elasticity and gets wrinkles. Lohasys Mayu Ultra Moisture Care Line is the Anti-wrinkle functional skin care series, which keeps your skin more elastic and looking youthful by applying moist and nutrients to your skin with horse oil which has full of vitality. Turn back the time with Lohasys Mayu Line, regain the natural beauty of your skin and feel the vitality of your skin.

Lohasys Mayu line has not heavy but fresh texture, so it can be used by all skin types in all seasons.

Also, It is a premium skin care line, which has a fresh scent without a characteristic smell of Horse Oil.

The Advance of the Horse oil contained in Mayu Ultra Moisture Care Line.

1. In classical Chinese medical texts, Myeong Ui Byeol Rok and Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica), records that It has been used to improve and soothe the skin from old times.

2. Horse oil is high in unsaturated fatty acid, so it can make the moist and elastic skin by keeping moisture in the dry skin. Also, it contains a large amount of active ingredients, palmitoleic acid and ceramide.

3. Horse oil is the closest ingredients to human sebum, so it is human friendly and makes your skin smooth by caring of the skin shield and adjusting the balance between oil and moisture.

Adenosine, an anti-wrinkle functional ingredient, makes your skin lively and elastic. Natural Protector Complex and Beautiful Herb Story Complex, patented ingredients, keep your skin moist and smooth.

4. Mayu Ultra Moisture Care Additive-free system.

5. The 5 artificial additive - Parabens, Benzophenone. Benzyl alcohol,Artificial colors and Mineral oil are not included in Mayu Ultra Moisture Care Line.