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Age Perfect Cleansing Milk
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: LOE806156
: 200ml
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: HK$ 79.00
: HK$ 75.00
Product Description

With age, the skin’s repair processes slow down. First thing in the morning the skin can appear tired and dull, as though crinkled.

Enriched with MAGNESIUM, known for its revitalizing properties, and VITAMIN C, known for its energizing properties. The formula:

-Helps to smooth mature skin and reduces the signs of fatigue.

-Hydrates the skin with moisture.


Perfectly cleansed and smooth, the milk leaves your skin soft and comfortable. Used daily, skin looks fresh and revitalized.

How to use:

Apply to the face using cotton wool.

Complete your regime with your ideal moisturizer

Age Perfect Rehydrating Day Cream or Age Perfect Rehydrating Night Cream