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Makeup Balancer SPF25/PA++ #No.1 Light Pink
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: SUL257339
: 1pc
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: HK$ 100.00
: HK$ 59.00
Product Description

A makeup balancer that gently balances the power of skin, moisture content, and skin tone, creates a healthy foundation of the skin.

The power of skin balancing
This antioxidant berry complex reverses the signs of aging on dull skin and brings it back to its original, healthy state.

Restores the balance between oil and moisture in the skin
Wax oil blend protects the moisture in the skin from evaporating, keeping skin hydrated and balanced throughout the day.

Improves skin tone, texture and restores balance
The 360-degree light reflection power of the petal-shaped powder balances rough texture and skin tone to optimize luminosity and smooth your skin’s appearance.

Suggested usage
After skincare, apply an appropriate amount on the back of hand to spread thinly over face and pat gently to finish.