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3-Step Skin Care System Set #Dry Combination Skin
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: 125ml+30ml+30ml /Set
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: HK$ 460.00
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Product Description

3-Step Skin Care System #Dry Combination Skin

Step 1: Cleanse - Liquid Facial Soap 30ml
Our guiding dermatologists believe in simple, effective cleansing: soap and water. Soft, non-drying lather cleans gently, rinses easily.
Protects skin's natural moisture balance so there's no taut or dry feeling.

Step 2: Exfoliate - Clarifying Lotion Twice a Day Exfoliator2 30ml
Dermatologist-developed formula helps reveal fresher skin. Sweeps away dulling flakes and excess oil so moisturizer can do its job better.
Helps fine dry lines disappear.

Step 3: Moisturize - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™ 125ml
Dermatologist-developed formula combines all-day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients to help skin look younger, longer.