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Secret Wish EDT Spray (Tester)
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: AS81010413T
: 75ml
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: HK$ 655.00
: HK$ 218.00
Product Description "Secret Wish is for the child in us that believes in magic and the adult in us that believes in possibilities."

Anna brings us the magic, the legends, the belief of wishes. Translucent as a fairy's wing, mysterious as a moonlit forest, Secret Wish embodies the enchanting essence of a fairytale. The instant the scent is released, a lush, ripe world opens up, filled with a bouquet of juicy fruits: fresh, sparkling lemon, summery melon, and velvety tagete, a soft, apricot-scented flower. Like fairies taking flight, it darts, hither and yon, surprising as it wafts in the air. A burst of joyful pineapple adds a note of flirtatious charm, as acidulous blackcurrant offers its mysterious facets. The fragrance deepens into a magical twilight with warm white cedarwood and sensual amber adding an intense and alluring character. Finishing with a light touch of musk, like falling star dust, it leaves an infinitely feminine wake. A fragrance that is at once as powerful as a charm, and as beguiling as a fairy kiss, it is a perfect balance of fruity and floral notes. Totally in command of a woodland realm. In a shade as soft as a fairy mist, the softest aqua dew, this is truly an elixir of fantasy and emotion.

Secret Wish, the mystical fragrance…..overseen by a fairy.

TOP: Lemon, Tagete, Melon
HEART: Blackcurrant, Pineapple
BASE: Cederwood, Amber, Skin Musk

Within the power of fairies to grant, the Secret Wish summons all we hope for, all we dream. Wish wisely, wish well

Secret Wish expresses the designer's own magical optimism -- wishing will make it so. All things are possible; one has only to ask. Only to reveal a hidden, innermost wish. And, from somewhere beneath a blue bell, a new fragrance spirit emerges.

Perched atop a three-sided crystal flacon, a delicate, shimmering fairy sits on a matte crystal ball. The true guardian of Secret Wish, she tempts a woman to simply twist the topper, and unleash the magical powers inside. This is her realm. She is the fairy princess personified. Confident, magical, feminine, and powerful.

The flacon itself is thrice-faceted, curved and linear at the same time. In some fairytales, it is within a fairy's powers to grant three. Or maybe just one at a time. . . every time a woman opens the fragrance. This is all part of the mystery.